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New Artists and their work is the foundation in which the gallery environment has the most direct link to its community. Here at BAMA we believe in showcasing some of the best that contemporary artists have to share.



"Art arrives at the threshold of our souls. We draw the shades. And then, like an annoying neighbor it knocks until you let your guard down believing this going to be an easy exchange. We let them in. The neighbor is insitant about their cause. After some pleasantries, or maybe not, they leave. In the wake of this encounter we are left speechless: moved. Through the stirring, something has been created; impressed upon. You can't remember the neighbor's purpose. The piece, then, becomes the gift back for art having arrived in the first place..."

~ Chris Burkhardt, owner, BAMA


Inquirees regarding submiting art work to the gallery fall under these general guidelines and submission policies:


* Artists must submit a formal letter stating some information about themselves, the art they create, recent exhibitions and/or upcoming shows they are participating in. If possible, they should include a website and email.

* Included with their letter should be a CD of their work with a minumum of 10 pieces of art
* Artists may submit all forms of media
* Submissions do not gurantee responses or may result in exhibitoins.
*Artists may submit work as often as they like.
* Artists may submit work via emial. Please no more than 5 pieces



Please Send your art work to:

BAMA Contemporary Art
946 Bloomfield St.
Hoboken NJ 07030
c/o Submissions

Email Submissions:

(subject heading: Submitting Artist)


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