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About Woodcut Printmaking:

The process of Woodcut Printmaking shares a long history with visual arts; its unique form of expression has ranged dramatically in its application from the delicate line work of Japanese prints of the Edo period to the German expressionists’ course carvings in scrap wood. It is a language that still has much to tell to the contemporary art world, and the unique prosperities of this print process have informed the nature of the work created.

The Process shares elements of sculpture; each image is carved into a block of plywood. I use both traditional all shina ply and hardware grade plywood, depending on the surface I wish to create. Once the block is carved, layers of oil-based ink are rolled onto the surface of the wood. The image is then transferred to the paper using a printing press to distribute even pressure over the print. Each color in the image represents and separate inking of the block and printing. All the work is hand carved, all the inks are hand mixed, and all the blocks are hand printed by the artist.

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