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Michael Sarno



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Born: NYC, NY
Residence: Bethleham, PA






2006, Kiana Malekzadeh Gallery, Chelsea, NYC.
2009, World Fine Art NYC
2012, BAMA


Mission Statement

My work embodies a similar vocabulary and aesthetic. It is spontaneous, yet with direction, thought and meaning. No line, nor splash of color, hits the canvas without purpose. As each layer of paint and technique is applied, I simultaneously calculate and balance color, texture, positive and negative space and overall composition.

I create a sense of atmosphere and depth, through the controlled use of vibrant colors, and multiple layers. My technique is comprised of building a foundation with acrylic and latex paints using brushes and palette knifes. When the foundation is set, it is followed by splatters, splashes and intended flows resulting in the final enamel surface.

As a New York born artist, my portfolio over the last fifty years includes painting, sculpting, etching, illustrating together with designing interiors and furniture for residential, commercial and retail projects.


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