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Mark Davis


Looking South
Giovanni's Room
Double Take
My Baby Loves Blue
Christmas without You
Structure XV
Structure XIV
Positive Thinking
Structure XVI
Structure XIII
11 Circles
A Late Change
A Late Spring


2004 BAMA Galleries, Hoboken, NJ
2002 BAMA Galleries, Hoboken, NJ
2002 Group Show, BAMA


Born: Brooklyn, NY
Residence: Hoboken, NJ



Mission Statement

"I believe that, boiled down to its essence, art is a means of communication. The artist, in creating a work, seeks to share a vision; an idea; a thought; an emotion.

I believe that a camera and film, or digital storage media, are tools to be used in the creation of art just as I believe that paint, brushes, and canvas are tools.

I believe that divisions between photography and painting, abstraction and representation, the figurative and the non-figurative, are arbitrary and artificial. For me, the important part is the artist's eye, the artist's vision, not the tools used. For me, the art is what I have created in my mind not what is created on the canvas. Therefore what I put on the canvas is my attempt to share with you, to let you view, the art that I have created in my mind."

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