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BAMA Galleries offers an array of classes, helping to promote the ways in which the education of art making can enrich our lives. Two such ways BAMA is committed to educating the surrounding community of Hoboken is either through direct or indirect methods of communication. An indirect method of providing the community is through quality, displayed art. Through quality art a means to raise the interests, consciousness, and sensitivity for the necessity for art in our lives. An example if direct measure would be through contact class structure. Classes such as drawing and painting have a hands-on approach to those crafts. Lectures, given periodically, provide a more intellectually stimulating environment. All touch the imagination, provoke thought, and channel creativity through constructive learning.

Another factor BAMA is interested in is wellness. Not only do the above mentioned crafts and learning methods help procure a more balanced psyche, other means of exposing the mind, body and soul can be established through wellness classes. Classes such as yoga and dance allow for the individual to become aware of themselves "within" their bodies. These classes also provide an exercise regiment as well as a meditative avenue to help cope with the enduring stresses in our lives.

Here are some of our courses and instructors:

Iyengar Yoga

  Iyengar yoga is based on the teachings of a living Yoga Master B.K.S. Iyengar and begins with learning the art and science of asanas, or yoga postures. In a detailed approach that progresses methodically, Iyengar can embrace the range of meditative to a more rigorous form of exercise. By adjusting the postures to each students needs yoga becomes accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability. Concentration, strength, flexibility, and coordination are some of the benefits of this practice. Students learn how to do asanas in a safe and structured environment.            

Level 1: For Beginning yoga students. Standing poses are taught to build strength, direction, andcoordination. Some seated, supine and inverted poses are taught including Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder balance)

Level 2: Prior Iyengar yoga experience required. Students should be comfortable with 5 min Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder balance). Fundamental poses refined, & Sirsasana (head stand) is taught along with more intermediate poses, including back bends


Yoga is offered:


Sundays (Open)

9 - 10:30am


Wednesdays (with Matt Dreyfuss)

6 -7:30 pm



$20/class (drop in available)


BAMA Galleries @ 201.659.8873

or Michelle La Rue @ 201.659.2903

Michelle LaRue
Dance, "Salsa on Sundays" is offered:

Friday Evenings

8:00 - 10pm



(RSVP ONLY; drop ins unavailable for this class)


BAMA Galleries @ 201.659.8873

or Tracey Everitt @ 201.653.2522


                Tracey Everitt    
Beginner Painting

Wednesday Evenings

with Owner, Painter & Poet Chris Burkhardt

8:00 - 9:30pm


$325/ 4 week course


BAMA Galleries @ 201.659.8873

* price includes $85 painting kit you take home after the course


Our New Session Pending Enrollment

Currently in Session (Drop In's Welcome)


Next Session

June 4th 2014

Register Now! Spaces are Limited!


Chris Burkhardt, Owner


  Musicology is a class where children and their caregivers explore traditional favorites and contemporary tunes together.  It’s about having fun while exposing your child to new sounds, rhythms, rhymes, and finger plays.  Make no mistake…Musicology is not a sedentary sport.  There’s dancing, jumping, and shouting hooray, balancing, bouncing and instruments to play. We have scarves, bells, shaky eggs too, rhythm sticks, and bubbles just to name a few.          

All classes are drop-in only.  There is no registration, just show up. 

The cost: $20 per child (drop in available)

A Musicology Play Pak for $200 (buy 10 get 1 free).  

**A sibling Play Pak is also available for $200 (buy 10 get 2 free).



10:00AM—Musicology (toddlers, 18 months-3 years)

11:00AM—Musicology (babies, 0-18 months)




Phone: 201.344.6119

Web @


Be Smarter Be Lingual

Early language education is a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Spanish, Chinese and French Classes for children ages 18 monthsthrough 12years... and adults!!

Session begins Sept 29th 2009

see website for registration and class times at:

or call 1.201.656.4089


Drawing from Life
One of the most rewarding forms of expression, Drawing from Life (nude model) allows for a range of creative outlets. This class provides an all-nude model (either male or female) with the intent purpose to have the student render the body. Class begins with warm up short timed poses and works its way up to longer ones. Drawing from Life is a non-intensive class: students are free to come and go as they please and are encouraged assist those around themselves as much as possible. Students are also encouraged to use any medium they choose, ranging from graphite to charcoal to clay or paint.


**Drawing from Life is offered:

May 15rd - June 5th 2012

Tuesday Evenings

8 - 10pm




BAMA Galleries @ 201.659.8873


      courtesy of Fer Veriga                                    

New Drawing Session

Currently Unavailable this Semester

(must RSVP, please email or call)

Further details please email or call...


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