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Upon opening it's doors to the public, BAMA Galleries is one of the premier spaces for artists to showcase their talent, work and vision in the Northeast New Jersey Area.

BAMA offers a quiant yet powerful presence to an already booming community like Hoboken.

One of BAMA's missions is to provide, not only the artists who show their work, but also to provide the community with thought provoking and inspiring creative works.


BAMA Galleries provides the community of Hoboken with an array of classes such as yoga, painting, drawing from life, and dance. Designed to create an atmosphere of well being, BAMA's classes offer safe learning environments, courtesy, and professional educators. These elements have all the necessary tools to ensure that education -through the intellect and body - is a priority BAMA's role in the community.


As Hoboken's only premier art gallery, BAMA showcases artists, and their work, from all over the United States. Artsits such as Nat Bard, Lou Carbone, Stefanie Ashby, Mark Davis, and Craig Cartwright bring craftsmanship, well thought conceptual ideas, and

BAMA provides the artist with a flexible way to attract potential collectors. With several types of viewing this gallery also provides the artist. Shows such as auxilliary, wesite, principle, and progressive showcases


BAMA is opened by appointment throughout the week...

please feel free to call or email to schedule a private viewing of our artists

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