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Lou Carbone:

The Prints


November 9th, 2014 - January 7th 2015



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  courtesy of Lou Carbine, 2012

In this series of prints, Lou Carbone, traditionally an oil painter, whose work can also be seen on our website, returns to a more illustrative role, one in which he began in an art career spanning over 40 years. Taken from drawings over the last 5 years or so, these prints add another dimension to a style that Mr. Carbone has forged and cultivated in a tradition traced from primitive art; the cartouche of Egypt, into the cartoon of masters like Raphael and in modernity eventually with Modigliano. At first glance, Louis' curvilinear nudes offer the viewer a visual loftiness through a technique of reductionism. By doing so, this leaves the room, per se, for the weight and detail of posture, gesture and story to emerge. One can locate the body language of the narrative in these pieces. Similar to a Carravagio where that one moment is captured, Mr. Carbone's work shares that same kind of surprise and awe that both viewer and subject share. In all aspects of the square, honesty becomes the central principal and vulnerability, the gyre we encircle around. Each one of his subjects, regardless of gender, are in fact 'the both' within us. This is a rare gift to be able to express such a truth and therefore BAMA is pleased and honored to have Mr. Carbone, share with us a long and indelible impression through these pieces in a newer medium that he and BAMA hope leave you both consumed and yearning at the same time.

~ Chris Burkhardt, BAMA


          courtesy of Lou Carbone, 2012  

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